My Salad with Herbal greens, spinach, sliced mushrooms, red bell peppers, and raspberries.  Dressing?  Raspberry vinaigrette. 

Oh, and 16oz  of water with 1/2 lemon squeezed into it.

It has been a tough week here in Colorado Springs.  The Black Forest fires consummed over 400 homes, is only 30% contained,  and my kids are still on pre-evacuation in the Falcon area. 2300 homes were unaffected, but 7,000 homes still need to be checked out.

The smoke hit my asthma hard; I spent Wednesday and Thursday inside with windows closed and fans a-humming.  Most of the time I concentrated on just breathing.  Doing all the deep breath exercises I knew.   Outside, two lives were lost.  Firefighters and all of the volunteers that manned whatever stations wherever they were needed are our heros.  Tonight they are still at work.

Also tonight, some families are returning to their neighborhoods wondering as they drive down roads and driveways: “Is my home still standing?” “Have I lost everything”  “Oh my goodness, look at the devastation.”

Over that last three days I slept, in my own home.  I watched TV in horror at the 24/7 reports and felt quilty that I was not doing more to help those so less fortunate than myself.

Today the smoke had let up enough I was able to go back to work and do a couple of massages. I was actually grateful that a couple others canceled.  Working on just two clients left me exhausted. By the time I got home I was wheezing again, but not near as bad as the last two days.  Taking a nap, drinking a bunch of water, and by early evening I am doing better.   I am blessed.  I have my home, my family, my pet, my life.

Over the last three days I was able to spend time with several of my weight loss participants via phone, text and email.  A common thread was sadly evident.  In this time of community stress, it is easy to blame that community stress on our own poor choices.

I heard “What with everything going on….”  “Well you know, it has just been so stressful….”  “It has been crazy at work….”   And these statements came not from those even close to the evacuation lines, or those having to deal with loss pets, or those dealing with getting last minute closure notices for their childs daycare. Nor were they sleeping in strange beds or even opening up their homes to those that were evacuated.   Those statements came from people just like you and me that got caught up in that horrific community stressor and allowed ourselves to make less than healthy choices that in turn, spurned on less than healthy reactions in our bodies.

So you got off track.

It was easy to do.

Way too easy for some of you.  Easy to reach for a bag of cookies at the grocery store, saying to yourself, “It’s for the kids.  They need something fun.”   It was easy to say to yourself, “wow, this is horrible.” and the choose a greasy hamburger instead of a  grilled chicken breast. It was easy to accept the offer of brownies or cupcakes at the office breakroom.   It was easy to think to yourself, “Well, I really am eating mostly good.” (while still in denial).

Comfort food.  Usually a temporary reprieve for whatever we are dealing with emotionally or physically, but an awful choice for our health. Comfort food; The choice(s) that we continue to make while wondering why the changes we want or need are not happening. (Insert the definiton of INSANITY: Doing the same thing while expecting different results?)

So now instead of losing the normal 3 – 4lbs per week or even the 1 – 2 lbs per week that have been the norm for these folks, they lost 1/2 lb, or 1 lb.  OR they lost nothing or maybe gained.

And exercise?   lol,  not.  It didn’t happen.  We were too busy, too stressed, too wrapped up in what what happening around us.

So!  What’s next?  The next step.  Let’s get back on track.  Don’t beat yourself up and then let THAT be your excuse: “Well I already screwed up this last week,  I will never get back on track.”

Forget that baloney.  Get back on track.  Take the next step.  Give yourself a hug and move on.

How about a mini detox?  Let’s make a commitment and get accountable.  Make a commitment  and  be accountable to ourselves as well as to each other.

Are you ready?    Accountable and a no excuse commitment? Let’s do a 3 -4 day detox.   As many veggies as you want, raw or lightly steamed, and as colorful as you can get it.  Then add in 2 – 3 servings of fruit.  That’s it.  A mini detox to help you get back on track.  Add in at least that multi-vitamin, your B vitamins for stress, Calcium that will help you rest and OPC3 for the antioxidents you certainly need.

Then………………………drum roll…………………………………..

How about taking a picture of every meal you have, every snack you enjoy?  Would that slow down your poor choices?  I decided that just for this weekend I was going to do just that; take a picture of every single thing I eat.  Whether for a meal or snack or just sneaking in a whatever!  SO wish me good eating, and I will let you know how it changed my choices or how it made me feel to be so accountable.   I figure if I am going to ask you to do it,  I should be able to do it as well.

Above is the picture of dinner for tonight.  I will post my meals here on my website.  You can take your pictures and just keep them or post them or send them to me.  Be commited.  Be accountable.  Love yourself.

Skinny hugs my friends,   You Can Do This!


ps.  That salad dish?  It is 11 3/4 ” across, almost a FOOT across, and using this lifestyle, I don’t have to worry about filling it up!