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grand county family adventure for Shining Stars Foundation  Click on this photo or go to the link below…….

Take a peek at http://www.shiningstarsfoundation.org/our-programs/grand-county-family-adventure/


A 5 day program provided each summer for the children we serve and their entire family, at no cost to participants. For many families, due to the stress of their child’s illness, this is the only family vacation they can look forward to every year. The program bonds families, while also introducing them to a much needed network of other families facing similar challenges, creating lasting relationships. Activities include boating, hiking, rafting, horseback riding, fishing, a day at Winter Park Resort, a concert, and much more!

The next Grand County Family Adventure will take place

July 31- August4, 2013

“By the last day, we felt more like a family than we had been since before cancer hit us.”


Go to Shiningstarsfoundation.org and donate or sign up to be part of the celebration with these families

OR Give ME, Peggy Gray RMT/Nutritionist, a call.   I am working hard to collect $1400 that will be used to purchase and prepare a dinner and a breakfast meal for 220+ attendees and volunteers.   I have signed up for the Friday night Italian meal and would love to surprise them with a really nice breakfast to go along with that.    The cost of the dinner alone would come to around $5.oo per person, but I am able to donate some of the food myself so would love to call them up and say “Hey, not only do I have enough to cover the dinner, but let’s have the next breakfast as well!”

WHY?  Because I care; because most of the breakfast and lunch food donated ( while appreciated much ) is still heavily sugared leftover baked goods, nitrate loaded sandwich meat that these kids and families really should NOT be eating.   If I can donate the cost of and supplies for the meal, as well as have myself and my ever ready family do the prep and cooking, that will free up funds for the rest of the event.   Please, give it a thought and let me put your name up on the menu board as a Shining Star that helped me get this meal to them.

If you would like to donate directly to Shining Stars, go to their webpage and let them know that your donation is for Peggy’s Friday night Italian Meal and  hopefully a really nice breakfast on another day.

If you would like me to have the money before we head up and be able to shop down here at the big boxes, send me a check designated to this cause or give me a call, I can do Paypal or Square payments over the phone.

Thank you.  in advance, Thank you.