TLS Weight Loss Weekend! Coaches Training

Just spent a wonderful weekend with Lori Enrico and Chris Burger, two wonderful TLS Weight Loss Coach Trainers for Nutrimetrix.

Went through the TLS Healthy Living/Weight Loss program myself last summer and lost over 15 lbs and more than that in inches! Since then I have continued to lose weight and inches – am down from sizes 12, 14 with even a few size 16’s to NOW size 4 and 6 pants. Me in a size 4/6? Not since I was about 4 or 6 years old. My health is better, my prescription medication needs are down to almost nothing. The program helped me change my life, my health, and now has given me the opportunity to help others do the same.

This weekend was a comprehensive program giving the 12 attendees the knowledge and skills we need to be able to help others in their weight loss journeys. The TLS Weight Loss Program is a customizable, scientifically proven program. The inches loss and the weight loss attained is a realistic, healthy, sustainable solution. The support through on-line tools, phone, text, personal meetings – all of it is geared towards your individual goals, your personality, your commitment.

I have already coached a couple of groups through the TLS Healthy Living Weight Loss Program and am looking forward to starting the next two groups the week following Thanksgiving.

It is so exciting to be able to offer this program to others. My own journey is still ongoing and evolving. The changes in my health are amazing. I have more energy, am able to take less medications, and look so much better in those smaller sizes! Now with the additional knowledge under my belt (this company REQUIRES continuing learning and evidence that you the coach are walking the walk), the new groups will get the best of the latest research and proven programs to help them with their goals.

Give us a call, join a group. Surprise yourself with the gift of health and energy over the holidays. You will be glad you did!

Peggy Gray RMT