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Rossiter Coaching/Assisted Stretching Workouts


Rossiter Assisted StretchingWhen I have you on my massage table, I am working on your muscles.  When I have you on the Workout mat, I am working on your connective tissue, your fascia, all the stuff that holds those muscles together. We may be doing a type of Assisted Stretching called Rossiter or we may be doing another type of assisted stretching – but right now let’s talk about Rossiter.


The Rossiter System of Stretching uses your body’s innate healing power to conquer pain by stretching and maintaining the integrity of its connective tissues.  These stretches can relieve the painful symptoms of repetitive motion injuries, no matter what their cause – work, play, art, music, sports, lifting, or everyday tasks.


Rossiter Stretching Workouts are based on the seventy-year-old concepts of a form of bodywork called Rolfing as well as other massage techniques.  The developer of the Rossiter System is  Richard Rossiter who because of his own journey through injuries and pain, was determined to find a safe and effective way to use the body’ own ability to heal.


“It takes two” to complete Rossiter Stretching Workouts.  You and your Certified Rossiter Coach work together to stretch out the connective tissue, the fascia of your body to gain power over and to eliminate your pain. 


What is connective tissue?  You body has miles of connective tissue.  Connective tissue is the network of protective sheaths, the tendons, Example of connective tissue Rossiter Assisted Stretching focuses onligaments, the fascia and the cartilage that holds your muscles and bones, your body, together.  Normally, it is not only what holds your body together, but is what allows you to move – smoothly, freely, fluidly.


Injury, repetitive motions at work or play, mis-use, dis-use, all can allow that connective tissue to become thickened, shortened or kinked.   In this state the tissue cannot receive the nutrients and oxygen it needs so toxins build up and you start feeling the pain.


The Rossiter System doesn’t hide the pain with drugs or cut it out with a scalpel; instead the Rossiter System stretches the connective tissue to its original state and allows the body to once again move freely, smoothly, fluidly.


In a matter of minutes after your Rossiter Workout, you will feel the difference.  Pain that was in your wrists, your thighs or hips, your shoulders will start to ease.  You will feel the difference in how much more freely you are able to move. The pain can stay away for hours, for days, or forever.   Your daily habits of course, will have a lot to do with just how long the effects of the workouts last.  IF you go right back to the same bad habits, chances are the same bad tightness will return.   Regular Rossiter Workouts however, can help you gain control over that pain and tightness.


Because pain can work its way into our body so very subtly, at times we tend to not even notice it is happening.  But pain exists as a message to the body that something is wrong.  Pain is telling you that you have overused or abused or injured your body.


A good Rossiter candidate Sprinter leaving starting blocks on the running track. ExplosiveI love doing a quick Rossiter Workout on athletes calves right before a race or immediately following a race or workout.  It amazes them how much looser they start out on the course and then again amazes them how fast they can recover after the race with a quick 3 minute Rossiter Workout on their calves. As their Rossiter Coach, I am applying weight as they stretch and the connective tissue releases through the stretching process.   It is that simple


It is also a simple fact that with a Rossiter Workout, you are indeed the PIC – the Person in Charge.   And as such, you are going to get as much out of a Rossiter Workout as you put into it.


Rossiter Workouts are not for everyone.  You have to be ready to want the pain to be gone.  You have to be willing to do the Workout, do the Stretches.
My Rossiter Workouts usually last close to a full hour on the first session and depending on what we are working on shorter periods after that.  Charges for Rossiter Workouts are the same as for a regular Massage Session. 


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