A Doable, Sustainable, Practical, Weight Loss Solution with Coach Peggy Gray RMT

Nutrition and Weight Loss

Custom Health Solutions for Weight Management at ROSE CLINIQUE a Wellness Center

Multifaceted weight management system


This Weight Loss Solution Program  is a 12  week program.  Not a diet, but rather a lifestyle system designed to help you lose weight – and then keep it off for life.

From day one you have resources and support not normally given as a part of other programs.

Peggy Gray before the Transitional LifeStyles Program

Peggy Gray before the Transitional LifeStyles Program

Peggy Gray after the Transitional LifeStyles Program

Peggy Gray after the Transitional LifeStyles Program

The LifeStyle Weight Loss Solution includes:

Full body approach to healthy living using Glycemic Index Food Guide – Teaching:

  • Low-glycemic eating
  • Behavior modification
  • Body composition
  • Stress reduction
  • Exercise

Six educational meetings with new information each week on diet, foods, support issues, fact vs. fiction as well as “homework” on the other weeks.

Information/Education includes:

  • Stop Dieting, Don’t ever count calories again
  •  Using the Glycemic Index
  •  How to set up your kitchen for living a healthy lifestyle
  •  How to read Labels
  •  Calorie is not a Calorie
  • Why keeping a journal DOUBLES YOUR SUCCESS RATE
  • Stress & relaxation exercises,
  • Menu plans
  • Recipes, quick meal options
  • Articles, tips, blog entries to help keep you on track
  • Alerts and reminders via email and text messages to track progress
  • Continuous emotional and nutritional support
  • Advice on individual supplementation requirements as needed

The 12 week LifeStyle Weight Loss Program runs $395. That price includes  your day to day personal coach that will be your support and accountability partner through out the program. You will meet with your coach in either an individual or a small group setting.   You will get daily texts, emails and/or phone calls as necessary to help you stay on course through out your weight loss journey. Fun competitions keep it from getting boring and your progress both physical and mental will amaze you. Watching yourself morph through the changes in your health, your energy, your inches dropping off, your weigh shrinking down; you will be glad you made the decision to take care of yourself.

If you interested in the  coaching program, give me a call at (719) 243-4586. We can fit this program to Your needs, Your goals, Your commitment.

Rose Clinique is locate  at 6529 N. Academy Blvd, C/S, CO 80918, with east access to Woodmen and to I-25.  Call for  a free consultation.

Four ROCK Stars, losing from just at 15 lbs on up to 28.6 lb on their Weight Loss Journey with almost that many inches each as well. Way to go guys, I am SO proud of you!