Exercise Classes

At present, all Classes are held at 595 Chapel Hills Drive, The Briargate Medical Center, Colorado Springs, CO 80920lady doing warm-up-exercise

Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:30 PM

Saturday 9AM

Take a look at the video below and see why you should  exercise,  to stretch, to MOVE.   Every day.


These classes are combining techniques, exercise routines, and stretches from Pilates, Yoga and Callanetics.  The routines have been developed under the supervision of a doctor that specializes in sports and athletic treatments.

So come on in and Strengthen your Core, Protect your back and neck, Feel better, Erase pain!, Tighten that bum!  If you have a yoga or exercise mat, bring it.   I have everything else we need!

Please call 719-243-4586 to reserve your place. I want to limit class size to less than 6 or 7 folks for now.

$ 5 per class – given by Peggy Gray RMT, Certified Fitness Nutritionist and Senior Fitness Coach /Personal Fitness Trainer!