Certified Medi Cupping Practictioner

Think about it, If we clear the body’s waste and drainage system, if we create the space for lymph to flow again, we can produce a sometimes radical change for your body.

Cupping helps support that process:  The suction of Cupping separates the tissue and creates the ability to carry the stagnation as well as enhances increases blood flow that brings oxygen and nutrition to the cells and tissues, therefore boosting all systems of the body, all levels of metabolism.

Cupping could help with stress, with injuries, with rehabilitation.  Cupping has been shown to hasten healing from colds, sinus infections, general muscle fatigue.  Bring in your migraines, asthma, ear aches,   Athritis, Tendonits, Bursitis, Your cellulite, and your TMJ dysfunction.   You may just be amazed at the relief cupping could bring.

Nutrition & Weight Loss

The LifeStyles ProGram is available  both in person and on-line with Peggy Gray RMT/Nutritionist as your coach.  Both are a 12  week program.  It’s not a diet, but rather a lifestyle system designed to help you lose weight – and then keep it off for life. Unique, scientifically  proven, individually designed. Doable, Sustainable; Why put it off.   Learn More

Rossiter Assisted Stretching

The Rossiter System of Stretching uses your body’s innate healing power to conquer pain by stretching and maintaining the integrity of its connective tissues. Learn More


Massage Therapy

Massage does EVERYBODY Good. Learn More

1 Hour Massage Session – Relaxation Massage- $74

(No soap notes, no insurance billing, no conference calls with physicians etc.)

1 1/2 hour Massage Session – Relaxation Massage – $105, see notes above

Medical/Prescription Massage for Medical/Injury conditions, $40 per unit – Billed to your insurance with pre-approval, includes Soap Notes, Conference with Doctor when necessary, Billing to insurance companies with pre-approval.   Co-pays may apply.  Please call for more information.


Fitness and Exercise

At Northeast Chiropractic, 595 Chapel Hills Drive, C/S, CO 80920
Exercise class combining techniques, exercise routines, and stretches from Pilates, Yoga and Callanetics.
Strengthen your Core, protect your back and neck, feel better, erase pain!, tighten that bum! lol.

Class times:    Tuesday’s & Thursdays 4:40PM,     Saturdays 9:00 AM.

Please call 719-243-4586 to reserve your place. I want to limit class size to more than 6 folks per class.

$5 per class – given by Peggy Gray RMT, Certified Fitness Nutritionist and Senior Fitness Coach