Oct. 25, 2012, New TLS/Healthy Living Classes Starting SOON!

Are you looking to get healthier, lose weight, gain muscle instead of mass?

Just within the last few days I have had several requests to get new TLS/Healthy Living & Weight Loss Groups started, so folks, here is our new schedule.

The first class will be starting on Sunday November 4th at 2PM.  We will meet that Sunday as well as the next Sunday then go to an every other week meeting for the next 1- weeks.

The second class or group will be starting November 28th –  on Wednesday evenings at 6pm.   Again, we will meet the first two weeks, then go to an every other week schedule.

I will go through detox with each group that starts – figure it can’t hurt me and surely will remind me just what you in the groups are going through. I have found though, that the detox is easier each time I do it. ( remind me please, of that, lol, when I whine just a bit during the process)

In the meantime, I have to share that the past few days have been an interesting experience in my “new TLS Life”.

You see, as I have lost so much weight AND inches, my underwear drawer was starting to look pretty shabby and having to pull up my underwear during the middle of doing a massage?   Not a good place to be in.  SO off shopping I went.  Now I don’t ever pay full price for clothing – there is something ingrained somewhere in my DNA make-up that just does not allow for that to happen! In fact my favorite place to shop is Dillard’s on their 40% off Clearance days.   ( That habit allowed me to recently give away several $200+ business suits that I had paid less than $30 for each one! –  Had to clear out all of those size 12’s, 14’s & 16’s!)  But much to my chagrin under-panty shopping this time was a real eye opener.  Obviously it has been some time since I last ventured into the lingerie department  of any store.   Hit Walmart first – granny panties was NOT what I wanted, neither was a cheap string placed in impossible places.   One wash before they shrunk or shredded seemed to be the only choice left so off to JCP, then to Dillard’s.   $20 for ONE PAIR OF PANTIES?  No way!  $18?  Not on my bottom,   FINALLY 3 Pairs for $20 off the CLEARANCE RACK ?  Are you kidding?  But what got me worse? As I was walking out of the Dillards’s store, I almost tripped over my own feet when low and behold! –  Did you know that Spanx is now for men too?   I couldn’t look at any man in eye while  scurrying the rest of the way out the store.   Spanx for men?  Don’t they know that “By artificially holding in your stomach, control pants prevent your diaphragm from descending fully while breathing, which can lead to hyperventillation, panic attacks and stress incontinence.”(1)
I swear, the ATTENDS folks have got to be on the Spanx board. – Just sayin.

Blessings, p

(1)Ref. http://shine.yahoo.com/healthy-living/spanx-bad-165600689.html