Next class starts TUESDAY, Dec 5th, 6 PM at Northeast Chiropractic Clinic

Same driveway as East Library up on North Union between Montebello and Vickers Drive. We will start with a Healthy Living Class by showing you just what the SAD – Standard American Diet does to your body each day. The TLS Weight Loss Solution is a 12 week program designed to fit your individual needs, your goals, your commitment. Take a look at the before and after pictures on my Nutrition & Weight Loss page. Those folks were very happy with their results. I was so proud of their commitments and efforts to reach the goals they set for themselves.

Come on in and join us. This class will be the last one that has the $395 price. At the first of the 2013 year, that price will go up to $545 for the 12 week class. $545 is still an amazing cost for a 12 week class – don’t think you will find any other doctor supervised program that gives you so much support and education.

If you have any questions at all, give me a call. 719-243-4586 An on-line option is available for $350.

Skinny hugs to all,
Peggy Gray RMT,
TLS Nutritional Coach