New Exercise Class! Tighten, Tone, Breathe easier! Beginners especially, WELCOME

At the Briargate Medical Building, 595 Chapel Hills Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80920.
Exercise class combining techniques, exercise routines, and stretches from Pilates, Yoga and Callanetics.
Strengthen your Core, protect your back and neck, feel better, erase pain!, tighten that bum!
Class times: Tuesdays 5:30PM, Thursday 11:45 AM, Saturdays 8:30 and 9:30 AM.
Tues and Thursday classes start this coming week on January
28th and 30th. Saturday classes start Saturday the 8th of February. Please call 719-243-4586 to reserve your place. I want to limit class size to less than 12 folks for now. $ 3.50 if paid for in a 12 pack, or $5 per class at the door – given by Peggy Gray RMT, Certified Fitness Nutritionist and Senior Fitness Coach – by the end of this year – or as soon as I get the money to go do the one week orals, practical’s, and exams! – Personal Fitness Trainer.

PS, here are my measurements since the beginning of the year – Doing this routine 2 or 3 times per week!

Date:                              1/1/2014    1/9/2014    1/21/2014
Bust                                    42.5                 41.5                  41.5
Beneath the Bustline      36.75               36                     36
Belly Button                     37                     36.75               35.5
Waist                                 37                     36.25               35.25
Hips – at fatest                41                      41                     40.5
Right Thigh                     22.5                  22.5                 22.25
Right Bicep                      13.5                  13.25               13
plus or minus        Minus 3″!     Minus 3.75″!
total minus 6.75″   

Please know that I am not a doctor and I will not diagnose, prescribe or treat any condition.

I am however, a 30 year veteran of bodywork and nutrition.    I am a teacher and a coach.   Come join my journey.