How would you like to win some $$ just for losing weight?

Meredith WON!  In so many ways, she WON!

Her life was changed forever.

Was it easy?  Probably not all the time, but after seeing how fast the pounds and inches were falling off.  Well, don’t you think it got easier and easier?

How would you like to win?


Losing the weight that is making you tired all the time.

Losing the weight that is making your self-image less than it could be.

Losing the weight that is adding one health issue after another.

Losing the frustration of looking in your closet and knowing that no matter what you choose, it is going to be tighter than it was last time

Losing.  Pounds. Inches

Whether you are looking to lose 5 pounds, 10 pound, 50 pounds or more.
How would you like to get the support you need to lose it in a HEALTHY, DOABLE, CUSTOMIZABLE, SUSTAINABLE, WAY?

If you are ready,  Really Ready to commit to yourself, give me a call.

OR email me.  I would love to be part of your journey to a new lifestyle.


Peggy Gray RMT/Certified Fitness Nutritionist

719-243-4586 or

PS….the $$$$?  Let me tell you how the company I am working with will pay the winners of the 2013 Fall Challenge a total of $100,000.

Worth it to lose?