“Free to Serve” went beautifully

Over 300 of Sunnyside regulars, friends and visitors ended up serving in one way or another today. Drains got cleaned out, seniors were sung to, school grounds were cleaned up. Older property’s got some long overdue maintenance.

The BBQ beef sandwiches and lunch menu went over so well that we had too little BBQ leftovers to even count as leftovers.

While we still had way too many sweets on the table, the meal was so much healthier than in past years and I think we are going to have to work hard to keep topping the success we had today.

My particular group of volunteers worked their tushes off getting everything ready for the luncheon. They went non-stop from the get-go until the last dish was washed and put away. We had drop ins that jumped right in helped set up chairs, mover wall dividers, pull more beef, stir more BBQ sauce, slice more oranges, apples and pears. They worked so hard and I was so grateful for their help, for their commitment to getting everything ready for that first group of outside volunteers that came in earlier than expected.

We fed them all.
Thank you Sunnyside Christian Church Kitchen Crew! You were awesome!
Thank you Sunnyside Christian Church Free to Serve Community Volunteers! You gave the community a look at Christian love and service. Thank you.