What is the cost of the program?

Please, look at the page(s) discussing the weight loss program.   The cost of the program is ever evolving mostly because as we are providing the program, we are adding or changing how we can best provide the services to you, the client.

What is the refund policy for the 12 week program.

You have 3 business days after your purchase/payment to obtain a refund minus a $25 administration fee.   After that time there is no refund.  IF you follow the program, do all of the video trainings, attend  your phone, email, text or Skype meetings, and/or do the journaling as directed,  it will be hard for you to fail.  I can coach all I want, but if you are not ready to take responsibility for and be committed to the program, you will have a much higher chance of “failing”.   Please, decide before you begin.  If you are unwilling to do the program, please know you are not ready to do the program. 

You say the program is scientifically proven and uniquely designed, also individually tailored.  What do you mean by that?

Please refer back to the website you signed up for with your initial sign-up.   There are testimonies, there are studies referred to, there are articles and support groups that will answer so much for that question. Read all of the information on this website.  Do your research!  As far as individually tailored, once I talk to you or confer with you by email,  AND you answer the questions honestly, I am able to point you in the direction or program within the program that I feel will best suit your needs, commitment and lifestyle.  We are all unique and we all have different needs, commitment levels, and lifestyles.  Those three factors will be huge in the determinations that you and I make in setting up your 12 week program.
Do know that as the program progresses, we can change directions, we can change supplements, we can change the type or amount of support that best serves you.

What does the initial cost of the program cost? AND what will my additional costs include?

The initial cost of the coaching portion of the on-line program is, as of 6/27/13, $350.00, payable up front.  In addition to that you will have the costs of your website, (Three months = $24.95), and the initial products that are honestly crucial to your success.  The cost of those supplements and/or products usually run from $95 to approximately $195.  IF your situation is unusually unique, the initial costs could run a bit higher. 

AFTER the initial set-up, coaching and supplement or product costs, the ONLY additional costs you may run into will be those choices you decide to make in continuing the supplements or adding additional product purchases you decide on.
I, Peggy Gray RMT, PROMISE TO NEVER REQUIRE ANY OTHER PURCHASES.  I may make suggestions at different points for different participants, but will not EVER require any additional purchases.

Is there ever any refunds on product/supplement purchases?

Only through the company website.


Who should receive a massage?

Most anyone can handle Therapeutic Massage.  I have had clients as young a few days after birth to a dear sweet woman in her late 80’s.   I have worked on cancer patients, dialysis patients,  open heart surgery patients,  have been in the recovery room at the hospital after a friends surgery, and helped several friends through their labor.   That being said, all of the medical conditions mentioned previously were given an “Okay” by the physician of each person.  If you have a medical condition or an injury, talk to your physician first, then give me a call.  Otherwise Therapeutic Massage has been shown to be of a benefit to most every body!

How often should someone receive massage?

That depends on your needs, your lifestyle, your medical conditions, and the physical activities you are involve in.   If you desire to use massage as preventative care or to manage the daily stress in your life, one massage a month is normal.   If you are receiving massage therapy for an injury or to relieve a chronic tightness that is limiting your daily activities, more frequent sessions may be called for.  It is not unusual for someone to start with weekly sessions then as their issues start resolving to then go to twice monthly, then to monthly or bi-monthly.  I will also work closely with your Preferred Provider with any prescription therapies you may need.

Am I completely undressed?

Your level of comfort is what determines whether you get completely undressed or you perhaps leave your undergarments on.  I do suggest to women that they remove their bra so that we do not have to fumble around it while working on their shoulders or back. I also prefer that male clients wear either their undergarment, a swimsuit or athletic shorts.   Do remember, you will be draped at all times during your session with only the area being worked on uncovered.

What is considered a “Session”?

Your session begins at the start of your appointment time.  You are given a minimal time – usually 3 – 4 minutes to get undressed privately and approximately that amount of time to get dressed again before the end of the session.   It is recommended that you try to arrive early enough to use the restroom before your session time begins.  Medically indicated appointments include questions and  note-taking for 2 – 3 minutes at the beginning of the session with notes completed outside the room while you are getting dressed.   I work within the time constraints of several doctors and their schedules so have to take on schedule.

Are you licensed? 

The state of Colorado has licensing or registration requirements for all Massage Therapists.   You can check the state of our licenses at: https://www.colorado.gov/dora/licensing/Lookup/LicenseLookup.aspx

What is your cancelation/late show policy?

A 24 hour cancelation notice is requested.  Though we know that “life happens”, clients that abuse this request will be asked to prepay for further appointments with a non-refundable, up-front, prepayment for their next appointment.  We are self-employed and there is no possible way to make up the income from a no-show or last minute cancelation.   As Massage Therapy is a very physical job, only so many appointments can be scheduled each week and  no-shows or last minute cancelations also deny other clients the possibility of obtaining an appointment that fits their needs.

Clients that are late take away from their own scheduled time.   IF we have time on our schedule that does not interfere with the scheduling of the rest of the office, we may be able to accommodate a client.  Otherwise the time does come out of the client’s time with no reduction in price.

If the therapist is late for any reason, the client is accommodated with either additional time and/or a discounted price – client’s choice.  If a therapist knows she will be running behind due to other late shows or conditions beyond her control, she will make an attempt to call, text, or email you so that you can adjust your schedule.   At that time you can choose to reschedule or adjust your scheduled time.   It is important that your therapist has good contact information for you.

Can I use my charge or debit card.

Yes, you can use your charge card, debit card, local check or cash for payment.  Prepayment through PayPal is also available.

Is there a refund policy for purchased Gift Certificates or Package Deals?

The is no refunds on any Gift Certificate, nor on any package purchases.   If you have a situation where you are not going to be able to use either, please give me a call.  We can make sure your service(s) can be donated to any person or organization of your choice.