Colorado Springs, Experienced Massage Therapy and Doctor supervised Weight Program

October 23, 2012.

Welcome to my new site.  Mr. Ron Story, webmaster extraordinaire is patiently working with me to get the site not just up and running, but useful as an educational tool for those folks looking for up-to-date information and education on Massage Therapy/Bodywork as well as Weight Loss or Nutritional Counseling/Healthy Living.

My professional Massage Therapy/Bodywork career has spanned over 30 years with the last 7 of those years spent here at Northeast Chiropractic Center.  The doctors at Northeast Chiro share an amazing array of specialties and skills and the staff work hard to make sure you know it is your health that is important to us all.  Now I have had the amazing experience this past year to not only to be one of the Northeast Chiropractic staff to participate in the new TLS (Transitional LifeStyles) 12 week program, but to have been chosen to complete further studies and certification as a Nutritional Counselor for the clinic. (See “Before” and “After” pictures on the website)

Actually the TLS 12 week program is really a “Healthy Living” program that most often ends up being a wonderful weight loss program.  It certainly helped me to lose over 17 lbs so far and  almost that many inches!  I went from at size 12-14 pants down to a size 4-6 for my loose fitting yoga pants and a size 8 for my tailored dress pants.  (You ladies know just HOW much that means!)  For me that is truly awesome – I haven’t worn anything that small since I was that age! The program also helped me to eliminate a lot of expensive asthma meds, bring my blood sugar levels under control, lower my cholesterol, bring my thyroid under control as well as allowed me to fit into those tiny slacks!  Happy?  I certainly am. I am spending less on groceries, less on medications, am sleeping better, was able to clean out a closet full of clothes and feel SO much better, healthier these days.

How blessed am I?  I still get to work as a Massage Therapist at the clinic, as well as being able to split my time between the two wonderful programs.  You can reach me at 719-243-4586 to schedule a massage session, but first go to the Nutritional/Weight Loss page of my website, then think about how much healthier you could be and give me a call about signing up for the next Healthy Living Class/TLS 12 week program here at Northeast Chiropractic.


Peggy Gray, RMT

ps,  It was rather nice today to see that had rated my Massage Therapy/Bodywork as FIVE STARS!  My partnership with Zeel has obviously been a good one for both of us.