Was that really my breakfast?

Really Peggy?  Yes really.  Being accountable can suck.  It was so easy this morning to grab the banana and a cup of coffee.  And I KNOW BETTER!   Starting your morning with a caffeine and sugar rush is NOT a good idea.  But that is what I did.

Oh!  And add about a dozen seedless black grapes to that.

Ah well.  For those of you that did not read my prior post, I am on a commitment this weekend to post every single thing that is going into my body.  Food, Drinks, and unfortunately this weekend still some of the smoke from the Black Forest Fire.

So I started my day with a banana, some coffee and a few grapes.  Better than the Mcmuffin by far, but not near as good as some protein and a little more fiber would have been.


Take the time to look at the link I have provided for some interesting info on what a mcmuffin provides for you.

Then take a look below that at the fruit roll-up label.  If you are still on that “Community Stressor”  I talked about yesterday,  and trying to find a good snack for your family while on the run,  maybe make some of your own?   Yes, yes, yes I know,  If you are on the run, you don’t have time today to make that snack, but pehaps you could file it away for another day?   ( recipe is at the end of this post )


And yes, the sugar content is so much higher than what you need on a regular basis.  However, making choices and finding solutions is really what this lifestyle is all about.


So, with choices and solutions in mind, as I head out to run up to work today, I will make sure that I have some veggies and real fiber with me to snack on.    Forget the roll-ups.

However for that healthier solution to an occasional snack:

RECIPE FOR HOMEMADE FRUIT ROLL-UPS FROM https://www.facebook.com/onyourpathtohealing

THE INGREDIENT LIST FOR STRAWBERRY FRUIT ROLL-UPS   DOESN’T INCLUDE STRAWBERRIES Avoid HFCS, processed sugar, food dyes & tons of chemicals and make Real Fruit Roll-Up’s from scratch. Here is an easy recipe.   Purée organic strawberries in food processor. Add some honey and lemon juice. Heat for 10 min in saucepan until it thickens. Spread out on parchment paper. Bake 3 hours on cookie sheet in 170 degree oven to allow to dehydrate. Cut in strips.  **Note from me?  HOW EASY DOES THAT SOUND?  If you have made these, give me some feedback.

Skinny hugs, Peggy