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Gift suggestions for Christmas – A Massage & A Course in Self-Protection

The Perfect Gift for Someone you Love:                                              Hangin out at The Gunshop in Colorado Springs, CO

Personal Protection Classes OR a Massage?   You pick. 

But why not one of each?

At The GUNSHOP LLC      or       with Peggy Gray RMT
1417 Potter Dr., Suite 101            595 Chapel Hills Drive, Ste 201
Colorado Springs, CO                    Colorado Springs, CO 80920

719-359-4210                   or             Peggy @ 719-243-4586

For Women, Men,or the Youngster in your life.
Get Someone you Love a gift that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.  Please note:  that “someone” just may be YOURSELF.

If they don’t want to carry a weapon, they need to know what moves they can use to protect themselves.

If they own a weapon they need to know how to use it safely and effectively.

Hi.  This is Peggy Gray RMT, Massage Therapist,Certified Nutritionist and Weight Loss Coach.  Why am I writing this to you?

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to be part of a training that included many of the First Responders from the Colorado Springs Police Department.  As a group, we, the volunteers were impressed with the men and women on those teams.   Their focus, discipline and abilities to serve our community was impressive.

However when I asked one of the department leaders if there were any programs geared towards teaching and training us “more mature and wiser women”, lol, on how to best protect ourselves both while at home or out in today’s public, I was sadly informed there were no programs.

So folks ( and I am passionate in having my female friends hear this),


So Get in touch with these two – and LEARN!

Shonda and Charlie Lippencott, husband and wife, partners & owners at The GUNSHOP LLC here in Colorado Springs.
You will find them over at 1417 Potter Dr, close to Palmer Park Blvd and Academy Blvd.
Shonda teaches an awesome class on weapon safety as well as the certification you need for your concealed carry  if you so desire.
Charlie teaches and trains folks in the Virtual Reality room that allows you to learn how to respond, engage or back away from real life simulated situations.  You need to know what to do when and how the heck to do it and you learn that here with Charlie.

The Personal Protection Classes are geared towards what do you do if attacked, how do you get out of it, what are some good strategies,  etc.
While this class is particularly great for women, it is open for both men and women.

My granddaughters are ALL gonna get some time with Charlie here.  Whether coming or going at work, in their neighborhood or at the mall, I want them to know how to lesson their chances of being a victim.

Who do you know that would benefit with some of this kind of training?

Use this link to get more information on The GUNSHOP LLC:

For classes at The GUNSHOP call Charlie or Shonda at   719-359-4210.  Tell them that Peggy sent you to get a gift when you sign up for, then attend the classes.

OR go online to:

Or visit them a:   1417 Potter Drive, Suite 101, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Or give me, Peggy Gray a call/text at 719-243-4586 and I will share what I have and still am learning from these great folks.

THEN we can set you up to come in for your next massage.

Sincerely, Peggy Gray RMT