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If you don’t like guns, don’t buy one, but do know how to protect yourself.

Peggy and Shonda at The GUNSHOP in Colorado Springs

Volunteer Massaging at The Grand County Adventure for The Shining Stars event

The two sides of Peggy Gray RMT! okay, okay, so I need to get a better picture! lol

But let’s get serious ladies.
Note these two dates:
November 23rd and 30th, 2013,
then read below…

(actually the 30th is taken but you can ask Shonda about the next dates after that)

I have an invitation for you,
but would like to present a couple of scenarios first.

Thursday night this last week, ( two weeks ago now),
I was in bed, dozing off. (This REALLY did happen)
POP, ..pop, pop, pop.  
I wake up and shout down to my son, “that was not a backfire, that was gunshots.”
I thought he heard me… but that is another story altogether.

SO scenario #1, How it would have been Peggy  five years ago, 2008.

Oh my gosh!  That was a gun!  I know it was a gun!  Who was that! That was right outside on my street! Oh my gosh!
What happened!  Who got killed!
Is my front door locked! Yes! it is!  (come to find out it was not, but that is part of the other story, lol )
I had better check it anyways! -so I would creep downstairs, terrified that another gunshot would come through the wall of the cheaply built town-home I am living in, check the front door, crouch down in front of the couch so they couldn’t shoot me through the front window,  creep over to the kitchen, probably sit on the floor with my knees to my chest, and hold my puppy in my arms, be terrified to move and terrified to turn on the lights.  I would definitely be too terrified to go back up the stairs, and be too terrified to go to sleep, so I would probably have sat there for the rest of the night – terrified.

Fast forward to Scenario #2, Peggy, 2013? (this is what DID happen this time)

POP,    pop, pop, pop.  I sit up in bed.
Good grief that was definitely a gunshot, Not a backfire.
“Hey Nathan,  that was definitely a gunshot and not a backfire.”
I listen for a moment, getting ready to get my phone and call 911.  For some reason I did not have my phone by my bed like normal so while getting to it, I look to make sure my loaded weapon is at my bedside.
I hear sirens in the background, so make a decision.
I listen to make sure the sirens are coming closer,  I know that I did not see anything nor did  I hear anything before the pops.
I am not a witness of any kind.  I know my front door is locked (ask me about the other story another time).
I also know my weapon is handy and loaded AND I know that I know how to use that weapon, am comfortable with using that weapon and if anyone does come into my home I will know before they reach the upstairs (doggy alarms), and I feel safe.
So what did I do?
I lay back down and went to sleep.
I was safe.  My home was safe.

Was I being callous or cynical?   No. I was being realistic in a neighborhood where gunshots are not uncommon.
Was help on the way?  Yes.
Could I be of any assistance?  Not with professional help so close.
Was there anything more I could have safely done?  I don’t think so.
Did I even know whether or not there was still a threat out there and was the good guy or the bad guy still there?  Nope…had no clue.
Shouldn’t I have tried to go out and make sure no first aid was needed?  NO. Professional help was within a minute away and it would have taken me longer than that to put some clothes  on, make it outside and find the victim – if there was one.  I still did not know if there was a victim. (Sadly ,there was.)

What was the difference between the two scenarios?
Today I am armed.   I am trained and continuing to train in weapon safety and personal defense.  I know and am comfortable that if I or my family is threatened, I am capable of defending either or both.  I don’t want to be the defenseless victim ever again!

So why am I sending this to you today?
I have a passion to see those women around me become safe; to be comfortable  or at least knowledgeable and prepared when a situation does happen – at home with the kids, at the office, or in the mall parking lot.
How can they do that?

Get trained.
Know how to react and what to do.

Should all of us be carrying a weapon?  Probably not.
Should all of us be willing to know how to get out a  situation whether that is with using a weapon or knowing what steps to take?  Absolutely

So should all of us be armed?
Probably not.

I have seen some women come to class for training and think
“boy I hope they train more before they attempt to carry a weapon” and after class think, “Boy, I hope they come back for some more training).

Again, why am I sending this?
Because I know of two classes coming up that will give you a solid foundation in protecting yourself with a weapon and open up opportunities for learning how to defend yourself without a weapon.
The classes are full days.  They start at 9AM and you can plan on being there until 3 – 4 PM. – Bring a sack lunch.
The classes are at “The Gun Shop” on 1417 Potter Drive in Colorado Springs – close to the intersection of Palmer Park and Academy Blvd.

The classes are for WOMEN ONLY! – First half taught by a woman, second half spent in a Virtual Reality Room learning how to react, when to back off, how to defuse a situation; learning tactical/PRACTICAL skills.   No standing at a stand and shooting at a cardboard target that doesn’t move.  This is real-life situations using real video scenarios that interact, test, and prepare you.  You don’t even need to own or bring a weapon to class. Everything is provided for you.

Remember those two dates?, Well sorry to say the 30th is taken, but  Nov 23rd, 2013 is still on and if you call Shonda or Charlie at The GUNSHOP, they can tell you when the next class is.

Shonda and Charlie Lippencott are the owners of The GunShop here in the Springs. (The
You are welcome to call me – Peggy Gray RMT, Certified Fitness Nutritionist at 719-243-4586 – leave a message and I will get back to you.  I will also share if you want a testimony on what I think of the training I am getting, have gotten.

OR call Shonda or Charlie at The Gun Shop and sign up!  719-310-1379

ONLY 4 per class,
$75 is the cost for the class – cash, check or charge.

Then ask Charlie about the Personal-Protection classes – no weapons involved, just using your common-sense.