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Breathing – Take time to do some for yourself today.

Coaching people on how to breathe, really breathe – something I now often do during a Massage Session, a Rossiter Workout, or even during our TLS, Healthy Living Classes.

As an asthmatic, that use to average 3 – 4 stays in the hospital each year ( with each one lasting 3 – 4 days), I was amazed, after one hospital stay about 8 – 10 years ago, that not once, ever, did any doctor or nurse pay attention on how I was breathing. When I came across an article on “How to Breathe” after that stay, I couldn’t believe just how badly my breathing habits were.

In today’s fast paced, eat your way to disease and death, gotta have it today, hurry up and wait world, we tend to breathe so shallow that the bottom of our lungs start to never get the chance to really receive the fresh new oxygen so vital for our health and well-being. This fact was brought to my attention during that above mentioned hospital stay when the nurse came in and said “Well your lung ex-ray was fine this time except for the base of your lungs that have atrophied because of your asthma.” WHAT??? Almost 30 years with asthma and that is the first time someone has even mentioned that type of lasting damage to my lungs? Well yes, I knew that with all of my attacks and such that I had “weaker” lungs, but atrophied?

It made me think. Really think about how I had depended on the doctors and the medical profession in general to keep me well. ( yes,at times kept me alive ) They gave me meds that seemed to help me breathe during an attack, and other meds that really did not seem to help, but I took them anyways. They pumped me full of steroids each time I came into the hospital. In fact for one period of time in the late 80’s (when doctors were still “Gods” meant to be obeyed unconditionally), I stayed on steroids for months at a time. Only after I started having recurring nightmares, was uncontrollably emotional, and quite frankly became paranoid on many levels, did I challenge my doctors and came off the daily dosages. Never, did we talk about how breathing could make a difference.

Back then, the pharmacys would refuse to give you the inserts that came with medications unless you absolutely demanded them. After all the side effects and studies etc, were “really of no concern to you’, the patient.
I got into more than one argument with a pharmacist on whether or not I had a right to that information.

As time went on, I became much more active in making decisions on my asthma care, but still ended up on, as one emergency room doctor put it,”well you are on enough medication to stop a bull in it’s tracks, so I don’t know what else we can do”. Yes, I stayed concerned, challenged doses of daily meds and really challenged the steroid “pushes” that I way to often ended up on, but I took those doses, because even when I avoided the triggers for my attacks, I still managed to end up having the attacks.

Funny, but about five years ago now, I ended up with no health insurance. Got laid off at my job, decided to come back to massage therapy full-time.

Amazingly, I had to be real aware of what was going on with my health. I started getting chiropractic adjustments whenever my asthma started getting out of control. I started really watching the trigger times during the year as well as the emotional and environmental triggers more closely. AND I started paying attention to how I was breathing. Found an article at that time that taught me a couple of breathing exercises that I could not even begin to complete the first few times I tried them. As time went on I found that I could not only complete the breathing exercises, but that I could also prevent or stay off beginning asthma attacks by doing the exercises instead of doing medications!

So during the day-time, I used the breathing exercises as much as possible, was still out of control at night-time, but more on how I got that under control through the TLS Healthy Living Program later.

Could not find the original artical that helped me with my breathing but came across this article on breathing this morning and as an asthmatic, as a health care worker, I appreciate and want to share the information and techniques.
Explore it for yourself:

Oct. 25, 2012, New TLS/Healthy Living Classes Starting SOON!

Are you looking to get healthier, lose weight, gain muscle instead of mass?

Just within the last few days I have had several requests to get new TLS/Healthy Living & Weight Loss Groups started, so folks, here is our new schedule.

The first class will be starting on Sunday November 4th at 2PM.  We will meet that Sunday as well as the next Sunday then go to an every other week meeting for the next 1- weeks.

The second class or group will be starting November 28th –  on Wednesday evenings at 6pm.   Again, we will meet the first two weeks, then go to an every other week schedule.

I will go through detox with each group that starts – figure it can’t hurt me and surely will remind me just what you in the groups are going through. I have found though, that the detox is easier each time I do it. ( remind me please, of that, lol, when I whine just a bit during the process)

In the meantime, I have to share that the past few days have been an interesting experience in my “new TLS Life”.

You see, as I have lost so much weight AND inches, my underwear drawer was starting to look pretty shabby and having to pull up my underwear during the middle of doing a massage?   Not a good place to be in.  SO off shopping I went.  Now I don’t ever pay full price for clothing – there is something ingrained somewhere in my DNA make-up that just does not allow for that to happen! In fact my favorite place to shop is Dillard’s on their 40% off Clearance days.   ( That habit allowed me to recently give away several $200+ business suits that I had paid less than $30 for each one! –  Had to clear out all of those size 12’s, 14’s & 16’s!)  But much to my chagrin under-panty shopping this time was a real eye opener.  Obviously it has been some time since I last ventured into the lingerie department  of any store.   Hit Walmart first – granny panties was NOT what I wanted, neither was a cheap string placed in impossible places.   One wash before they shrunk or shredded seemed to be the only choice left so off to JCP, then to Dillard’s.   $20 for ONE PAIR OF PANTIES?  No way!  $18?  Not on my bottom,   FINALLY 3 Pairs for $20 off the CLEARANCE RACK ?  Are you kidding?  But what got me worse? As I was walking out of the Dillards’s store, I almost tripped over my own feet when low and behold! –  Did you know that Spanx is now for men too?   I couldn’t look at any man in eye while  scurrying the rest of the way out the store.   Spanx for men?  Don’t they know that “By artificially holding in your stomach, control pants prevent your diaphragm from descending fully while breathing, which can lead to hyperventillation, panic attacks and stress incontinence.”(1)
I swear, the ATTENDS folks have got to be on the Spanx board. – Just sayin.

Blessings, p



Colorado Springs, Experienced Massage Therapy and Doctor supervised Weight Program

October 23, 2012.

Welcome to my new site.  Mr. Ron Story, webmaster extraordinaire is patiently working with me to get the site not just up and running, but useful as an educational tool for those folks looking for up-to-date information and education on Massage Therapy/Bodywork as well as Weight Loss or Nutritional Counseling/Healthy Living.

My professional Massage Therapy/Bodywork career has spanned over 30 years with the last 7 of those years spent here at Northeast Chiropractic Center.  The doctors at Northeast Chiro share an amazing array of specialties and skills and the staff work hard to make sure you know it is your health that is important to us all.  Now I have had the amazing experience this past year to not only to be one of the Northeast Chiropractic staff to participate in the new TLS (Transitional LifeStyles) 12 week program, but to have been chosen to complete further studies and certification as a Nutritional Counselor for the clinic. (See “Before” and “After” pictures on the website)

Actually the TLS 12 week program is really a “Healthy Living” program that most often ends up being a wonderful weight loss program.  It certainly helped me to lose over 17 lbs so far and  almost that many inches!  I went from at size 12-14 pants down to a size 4-6 for my loose fitting yoga pants and a size 8 for my tailored dress pants.  (You ladies know just HOW much that means!)  For me that is truly awesome – I haven’t worn anything that small since I was that age! The program also helped me to eliminate a lot of expensive asthma meds, bring my blood sugar levels under control, lower my cholesterol, bring my thyroid under control as well as allowed me to fit into those tiny slacks!  Happy?  I certainly am. I am spending less on groceries, less on medications, am sleeping better, was able to clean out a closet full of clothes and feel SO much better, healthier these days.

How blessed am I?  I still get to work as a Massage Therapist at the clinic, as well as being able to split my time between the two wonderful programs.  You can reach me at 719-243-4586 to schedule a massage session, but first go to the Nutritional/Weight Loss page of my website, then think about how much healthier you could be and give me a call about signing up for the next Healthy Living Class/TLS 12 week program here at Northeast Chiropractic.


Peggy Gray, RMT

ps,  It was rather nice today to see that had rated my Massage Therapy/Bodywork as FIVE STARS!  My partnership with Zeel has obviously been a good one for both of us.